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Staff Post - Heather Finlay

Heather Finlay

Reseller Software Support Assistant

Hi, my name is Heather – I am new to Idealpos and have been here now for two months.
I have had a varied past starting out as a trainer and software support assistant for a software developer in Melbourne.  I then embarked on a self-employed consultancy working within the aged care industry for over 15 years providing client management systems and Microsoft Office training, software support and developing access/VB databases for clients in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

Ten years ago my husband and I took on a new venture as franchise partners of a well known coffee house which is where I first became familiar with the POS : The ‘Aloha POS’ system – ‘not exactly a luxury of Hawaii’, however our shop was based here in Cleveland! Here we gained considerable coffee knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry and were graced with meeting some very wonderful and interesting people – and yes ‘I gained a real love for a great coffee’! Following this I worked in roles providing software support and training for a major pathology company and then for an accounting software firm.

Working at Idealpos has been a new learning curve – experiencing ‘the other side of the fence’ so to speak; reflecting on some of the questions and frustrations I may have had back then – especially when both POS terminals failed for two days and all transactions had to be written on stick-it notes, lined up across the top of the coffee machine – this was a real test for staff endurance!

People at Idealpos are really friendly and have made me feel very welcome. I am delighted to join "The League of Extraordinary Reseller Support People” - finding it both challenging and gratifying with always something new to learn – there is no time for boredom! 

My husband and I try to take advantage of a ‘long’ weekend to go camping/motor homing - love to get away and explore the sites of Australia. I enjoy walking, drawing and painting and especially listening to music. I have two sons – the greatest pleasure is to spend time with my beautiful 2-year-old granddaughter.

Your life is your message to the world, make sure it is inspiring! It provides great satisfaction to help others achieve their goals!