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Staff Post - Sharin Nisha

Sharin Nisha

Reseller Software Support Assistant

Sharin has previous experience in IT which includes being in the Mines, Gaming Industry and Retail as Sys Admin. She enjoy's reading, cooking and going out with the fam.


I have been in Idealpos for just about a year now. I started in Retail support and moved to Wholesale after about 3 months. The transition from one department to another at first seemed quite daunting as coming from an environment which was loud and everyone talking over each to a room of 3 where silence could be deafening at times.

Overall it’s been a learning curve in knowing about the product and our resellers dealing with different issues all the time.

I come from a IT system admin background and my working experience has been quite varied as I have worked on a remote site in the mines in Northern Territory, to working in the Gaming industry and the head office of a retail chain.

It has been a very interesting journey, but what I feel most privileged about is having the opportunity to work for a non-profit organisation like the Multi-Cultural Council of NT while taking a break from the highly demanding world of IT and raising two little kids.

I had two projects to look after, one was called the Settlement Grants Project and the other was called the National Action plan, both funded by the federal government.

Coming from a back ground of dealing with systems to dealing with newly settled migrants’ primarily from refugee background was a real eye opener.  As I had  never actually thought too much about  the real struggles that these people go through leaving their country, some in extreme conditions and making a new country  their home with very little knowledge of the language, culture and way of life. Helping them transition into their new lives and seeing them use their acquired skills has indeed been very rewarding.  Also working with children from the different ethnic and religious backgrounds and seeing their realisation after spending time with each other that we are basically all the same albeit in different packaging has also been very rewarding.

I enjoy doing community service in the form of doing voluntary work when I am not too busy being a soccer mum.

 “ We may know who we are or we may not . We may be Muslims, Jews, or Christians, but until our hearts become the mould for every heart, we will see only our differences__________”