Subscription or Perpetual Licencing Options

Idealpos 7 Software Licences can be purchased on an Annual Subcription or you can purchase outright on a Perpetual Licence. There is no limit to the number of licences that can be registered on either Annual or Perpetual, it's entirely up to you.

Idealpos is licenced in multiple configurations. Each licence can be configured to be an Admin, POS, combination of both, as well as include multiple modules for either the group as a whole or by individual terminal. This allows you to set your Point of Sale System up exactly the way you need it, without add-ons that serve no purpose.

If you are located in Brisbane, you can purchase any Idealpos products direct from Idealpos Solutions in Brisbane. We have a large Reseller Network in Australia and New Zealand whom you can purchase directly from and receive local support as well as several International Resellers in other Countries.

Contact us for your closest reseller