Idealpos supports up to 18 different two-way interfaces to EFTPOS Terminals for Australia, New Zealand and Canadian markets depending on the provider available.

By connecting your EFTPOS to your Point of Sale System, you help eliminate operator error by sending the sale and cash out amount to the EFTPOS terminal. The EFTPOS terminal will connect to the bank and upon approval will return an approval response so that the operator is able to finalise the sale.

Having an integrated solution will also speed up the transaction as the operator doesn't have to enter values into a pin pad and deal with multiple receipts. All EFTPOS figures will be accurate for use on the Cash Declaration due to no human input errors.

  • Faster and More Accurate Sales Processing
  • Large Range of Providers in Multiple Regions
  • Certified Integrations Throughout
  • Exceptional Features to Value Add
  • Mistakes From Clerk Entry Minimised

Sales Accuracy

With a direct EFTPOS terminal integration, the sales amount is sent directly to the pin pad, eschewing the need for staff to input a sales value which could be incorrect and cause issues and waste time.

The clerk will be able to split tender through the POS screen and allow the customers to quickly tap & go at the conclusion of the sale. Customers will be happier knowing the sales total is correct and the time taken to process their items is minimal.

Global Application

There are many regions around the world using some form of EFTPOS integration with Idealpos. We currently have up to 18 different selections to choose from depending on where you are and the setup required. 

Although there are many different currencies, tax systems and other financial bumps to get over when implementing a new integration, we have a large reseller base in place to handle just such a case.

Financial Sense

It makes financial sense to have an integrated EFTPOS system for a number of reasons. Although staff can make mistakes, you won't see them entering only $1.50 on the pinpad manually for a $15 sale, losing the business out of $13.50.

Once you have the licence on the terminal it can be transferred to a different provider, giving you complete freedom to choose the system that suits your business for the better.



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