Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers can be sold through Idealpos and redeemed at a later date which you can decide. Gift vouchers enable you to keep track of purchased vouchers in case of loss or theft. Gift vouchers can be linked to your custom stationary, gift cards or Idealpos can print the voucher out of the receipt printer, or be emailed to the customer as a PDF.

All Gift Vouchers are tracked and monitored through Idealpos, making it easy to replace a lost Gift Voucher.

Each time a Gift Voucher is used, the amount of the sale will be deducted from the original voucher, and a new voucher will be printed with the remaining balance. The expiry date will not change on the voucher unless it is edited by a Clerk.

Gift Vouchers
Gift Vouchers
Gift Vouchers
  • Create, Print and Email Gift Vouchers direct from the POS Terminal, any Terminal.
  • Link Gift Vouchers to Programmable Barcodes
  • Use Gift Cards for a more Permanant Solution
  • Program up to 20 Different Types of Vouchers with unique logos & expiry dates
  • All Gift Vouchers Searchable in Idealpos

Gift Voucher Printing

Gift Vouchers are printed automatically through the receipt printer attached to the terminal issuing the voucher. It's very easy however to use pre-printed vouchers to give to the customer, with programmable barcodes keeping all the data aligned.

Vouchers can be re-printed in the event the customer loses the voucher, and if not all the voucher value is used in one transaction, a new voucher with remaining credit will be printed on a new voucher receipt.

Easy Enquiries

It's a well-known fact that customers are not always able to remember where they kept their voucher or receipt. Some businesses have terms written to the effect that if you lose your voucher, that's just bad luck.

Idealpos offers you the ability to easily be able to check the voucher for spending status, and if need be, to re-print the voucher for the customer.

Customer Linking

When Customers purchase Gift Vouchers, their Customer Code can be used in place of a randomly generated Gift Voucher Code, making the voucher easy to redeem and search for.

When customers are linked to your Gift Vouchers, it also allows them to accumulate their loyalty points in your venue, further increasing patronage.

Idealpos offers plastic Gift Voucher Card Printing

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