Idealpos Software Support Membership Package (ISSMP)

Idealpos offers all customers the ability to join our software support program to minimise on-going costs associated with their point of sale products. We like to look at our software support package as an insurance for when problems occur or help is required, you're covered. While we would really like to be able to say that our software is perfect, due to the large amount of customisation available with different configurations and hardware that it can be installed on, it's impossible to do so. We make every effort possible to fix bugs and provide updates to our customers to keep issues to a minimum.

Idealpos Phone Support Details

 Office Hours

 ISSMP Customers

 Non-ISSMP Customers

 Call-back in 1 Working Day


 $150/first 30 mins

 Call-back in 2 Working Days


 $125/first 30 mins

 Call-back in 5 Working Days


 $100/first 30 mins

 Charge after first 30 mins


 $37.50/15 mins

All support charges are for a single call/ticket enquiry only.
We recommend submitting a support ticket.
If leaving a message for support, be very clear about the issue and give as much detail as possible.
Support for any Idealpos product prior to Idealpos 6.0 is charged at double the standard rate.
ISSMP is only available for Idealpos 6.0 and above.
Join our ISSMP today for incredible savings on your support!

After Hours Support
After hours support is available between the following hours:
7–8:30 am and 5–10 pm, Monday to Friday
8 am–8 pm, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
We do not answer the A/H number during our normal business hours.

T&C's: A/H Support is for emergencies only. Unanswered calls go to a message bank. If you want support, request a call back when leaving a message. You will be charged when we call you back whether you answer the phone or not. If you don't specifically request a call back you will not get a call and must call again to get support.


 ISSMP Customers

 Non-ISSMP Customers

 30 mins



 45 mins



 60 mins



 75 mins



 90 mins



 105 mins



 120 mins



Final Points
The technical support staff are closest to the problem and will assess the urgency of the support. In the event that it is a critical support and the customer hasn’t got a credit card with them (i.e. it’s the staff calling and not the owner), the technical staff will make the decision as to support/or not support the customer because payment cannot be rendered.


To become a member of our ISSMP please complete the following steps:

  • Download the ISSMP Details and the Terms & Conditions.
  • Fill all details on the last page only of the ISSMP document (Membership Period & Payments, Authorisation).
  • Fill in the online form below and upload the signed page only, or fax to +61 7 3630 2017.