Westpac Presto Smart


Presto Smart is Westpac’s new integrated payment solution, designed to make in-store payments fast, seamless and easy by directly connecting your Idealpos point of sale system with Westpac’s compact and lightweight EFTPOS terminal.


Take payments anywhere in store
Presto Smart allows you to take secure payments anywhere in-store. Let customers pay at the counter, on the sales floor or at the table, split the bill with ease (POS dependent) and make tap and go, insert, or swipe payments all on the one device.

Fast payments, simple reconciliation
Streamline your payment processes with no more manual typing of payment amounts into your EFTPOS terminal for fuss-free end-of-day reconciliation.

Westpac’s Instant settlement
Get your money quickly with instant settlement* 365 days a year.

Easy to set up, easy to use
Presto Smart is easy to set up and get started and intuitive for you and your team to use.

Stable and supported
On certain Presto Smart terminals, it has the smarts to automatically switch over to 3G* should your main communication method drop out so you never miss a sale.

24/7 local support
Technical support is available 24/7  should you need it.
*For full terms and conditions, visit westpac.com.au/presto.

If you're interested in having Westpac Presto Smart integrated with your Idealpos Point of Sale system, click here to submit your details and a representative from Assembly Payments/Westpac will be in touch.