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That's a wrap

Today we finished packing up our stand from the Fine Food Show where we were introducing an updated Ideal Handheld app and showing an earyl version of Idealpos Online.

We were very happy speaking with current customers about improvements they were after for their system involving upgrades, new features or fixing small problems. We also got the chance to speak with a lot of potenital customers about their upcoming plans for a new restaurant, cafe and many more industries.

It was a great show that allowed us to see other aspects of the hospitality trade and how they can be improved or work in conjunction with a good a point of sale system. There's many exciting products out there and Idealpos is proud to have been there.

Although the show is over for another year, if you would like some more information on Idealpos Online and the new Ideal Handheld app, please contact us so we can let you know all the details.