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Idealpos 8 Build 18

Idealpos 8 Build 18

We've released Idealpos 8 Build 18 and it's ready for downloading and installing on your system.

Note that this release does not contain new features. Therefore, there is no supplemental Update History.

For information on what is included in this release, Resellers can log into the website via the Reseller Area and view further details.

Consideration should be given to modifications made to the system which are defined in the Update History or Build Release Notes. These modifications may impact or affect a feature of the system that is currently being used. Idealpos highly recommends that a full backup of the system is created before and after the system has been updated. Idealpos also recommends that the operation of all aspects of the system are tested and monitored following this update. This advice is also applicable in the event that the Software update only contains fixes to the system and there is no Update History or Release Note document supplied. Please contact Idealpos or your Reseller for assistance.