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Public Holiday Madness

In the coming 4 weeks, there will be 4 public holidays, 1 each week. Idealpos does not open for Public Holidays, so please ensure if you need something from us, that you do so before these dates.

  • April 14th - Good Friday
  • April 17th - Easter Monday
  • April 25th - Anzac Day
  • May 1st - May Day

While we are closing on these specific dates, it's important to remember that some businesses will be open and trading, and of those, some will charge a surcharge to their customers. If you are a business that will be adding a surcharge while trading, check out our blog post on just that very thing!

If you require support for your POS system from us, it is available and will be chargeable at our standard rates. If you wanted to join our ISSMP to minimise these costs, visit this page for more information.