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Idealpos integrates with Clipp

Idealpos is proud to announce that it has a direct integration with mobile phone app Clipp. Clipp is a Bar Tab app that allows you to open a tab, select a limit, and pay for the tab all using your mobile phone. 

So what is it and how does it work? Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to add your details for security and payment options. Although this may take a little bit of time, you only need to do it the once, from then on it is all smooth sailing. Requirements are a photo of yourself for security confirmation (in case someone steals your phone), and setting up one or more payment methods to use.

Clipp is basically like a virtual wallet, allowing you to open a bar tab, order some drinks, pay and close your tab, all without having to pull any money or credit card out of your wallet to give to the venue. Best of all, the app is free to download and use.

Each time you go to the bar and make a purchase, your phone will update with the items you have bought to your tab, so at any time you can see exactly what you have ordered. Spending time socially with a few friends? Perfect! Your friends can all download the app and use the same tab number, with you having full control. When you have finished and want to leave, simply close the tab on your phone and walk out the door. No more needing to line up and pay and collect your credit card, it’s already been charged with Clipp and a receipt emailed to you. Forget to close your tab? Not a problem, because the venue will close the tab for you.

All in all, the app makes it easier for everyone. Customers don’t need to line up and pay for their items when the bar is busy, and the bar staff and concentrate on giving better service because they are not stuck behind the till waiting for the EFTPOS to go through.