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Idealpos 7 build 45

We've released Idealpos build 45 and there are a lot of new features in this build, along with some fixes to help improve your POS.

Check out the Update History for information, or you can find it in the updated User Guide. Even if you are not intending on using any of the new features, we recommend you upgrade to this build to ensure your system is up to date as it includes fixes also.

** Enhancements

    * [IP-472] - POS Grids - Force Selection with Minimum and Maximum options
    * [IP-810] - Promotions Import supports POS/Location/Site/Customer Type/Price Level Headers
    * [IP-1005] - Yes/No Option - Don't send Refunds to Kitchen Printers
    * [IP-1011] - Stock Item Sales Report filtered by specific Refund Reason
    * [IP-1035] - CAA Affinity Interface (Canada)
    * [IP-1075] - Talkbox Voucher Integration
    * [IP-1083] - Zebra Label support for Kitchen Print Items
    * [IP-1090] - Deputy export: options to exclude RA accounts and to report on Ex-GST amounts
    * [IP-1091] - Multiple Coupon Redemptions in a $ Discount Off Total Promotion
    * [IP-1101] - Ability to search Customers using single quote character
    * [IP-1139] - Permission for Adding Supplier Codes applied in Stock Purchases screen
    * [IP-1148] - Improved speed for Supplier Enquiry - View Report
    * [IP-1151] - Fast Add Stock Item - Warning if no Sell Price
    * [IP-1165] - IBA Promotions Import - Exclude Batch option