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Stock Manage Release v2

We're excited to announce that Stock Manage v2 is available on Google Play and the App Store. That's right, the new Stock manage is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

This new release is cross-platform, allowing us to keep both up-to-date at the same time, ensuring that you can use whichever device you have. There are no large new features in this app, except that it has been completely redesigned. There have been a number of bug fixes sorted out and design elements changed.

One feature that has been added is the use of a new Bluetooth scanner. We can now use the General Scan Mini GS-M100BT. On our user guide there are directions for configuring this scanner for use. The entire user guide for Stock manage has been updated.

Use of Stock Manage requires a licence for your site. Please ensure that you have activated your licence before attempting to connect to your Idealpos database. Customers who already have a licence for Stock Manage can upgrade to version 2 at no extra cost.