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Handheld v4.0.16

An update to Ideal Handheld is now available. It contains general fixes and a few new features.
The update should download automatically, but if not, you can update it via the App Store on your iOS device.

Allow changing seat number for an item after it has been added
The app now allows you to change the seat number for a Stock Item after it has been added to the order. To use this feature, select the Stock Item from the list of Items added to the order and finally select the seat number that you want the Stock Item assigned to. You can repeat this process for any Stock Item that you want to change the seat number.

Implement Stock Item Multiplier
When using the + button to add more of the same item to the order, you are now prompted to enter the quantity using the on-screen numeric keypad. To use this feature, add an item to the order then swipe the item to the right to reveal the + and - buttons. Finally, press the + button and a prompt will appear to enter quantity. Enter the quantity required and the Item will be updated with the quantity entered.