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Employee Changes

In the coming weeks there will be a few changes to our employees here in the office. We have one staff member leaving to pursue their career, and two more staff joining us.

Zijian, one of our programmers, has decided to chase the dream and move into a position with telecommunications. He has been responsible for the online licencing service that we use in Idealpos 7 among others. We wish him well on his future endevours.

Our new programmer is Anthony  and will be taking on a lot of new responsibilities and features that we have lined up. Anthony comes with a lot of experience and we look forward to what exciting solutions will be delivered.

Braeden is also going to be starting with us soon to help in retail support. This position, if unfamiliar with Idealpos can take a little bit of getting used to with all the new features available, all the while speaking to customers who also know as little as you might.

Please join us in thanking Zijian for his work over the past couple of years and welcoming both Anthony and Braeden to our office.