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Goodbye PayPal...

If you are a business that uses Idealpos with the PayPal app, we have some bad news. PayPal have pulled out of the payment space and are removing access to their app as a payment gateway through Idealpos (and all other point of sale vendors).

What does this mean for you? Nothing too much should change really, except that you will have a tender that you can remove from the tender screen, a couple of buttons maybe and a few settings.

If you have any questions or have not been contacted by PayPal as to what is happening, please get in touch with your Idealpos reseller who will be able to help you clear out any un-required PayPal settings.

There is currently no way to use PayPal with Idealpos as an integration through their mobile apps. As a business if you have a PayPal account and are willing to receive payments from customers in the original manner, these can still be recorded through Idealpos, however it will be a completely manual process.