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Idealpos Resellers

Idealpos is proud to have a network of resellers throughout the world. Our resellers play an important role in the functionality of Idealpos in many ways. There has been a lot of features added to help cross cultural, language and financial issues that could stop Idealpos being used in these regions. Chinese Character Printing & Reporting, Arabic Right - Left settings and various tax systems throughout the world.

Some of the countries that Idealpos is represented in is Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, India, Fiji, Samoa and installations outside of these areas such as Papua New Guinea.

Our resellers are an integral part of our company's success and future plans. In 2015 we embarked on a plan to update our website to provide better information for both our resellers and end-user customers. Continuing this plan into 2016 we have also released to our resellers exciting new badges to show they are an authorised reseller of Idealpos. You should be able to find one of the two badges (below) on their websites.

We are also always happy for companies looking to sell Idealpos to apply to become a reseller. If you would like to sell an ideal point of sale product to your customers, why not apply to become a reseller today?