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Thank You Zeroseven

Idealpos would like to extend a huge thank you to all the staff at Zeroseven involved with getting our website up and going to the point that it is now live and being used.

Not only have we completely started again from scratch, but it is functional, informative and much more beneficial site to all of our users.

We knew what we wanted our website to be, but not knowing what was possible, or how to do it, we needed to get some help. Zeroseven have helped us add many features and functionality that was a pipe dream to us of what was possible, from finally have a decent blog for our news, to a better download portal and integrations of ticketing for each user account.

Both end users and resellers have their own area with dedicated links to the licencing details, and we are able to build on this foundation to offer more features in the future.

For nearly the entire year of 2015 we were getting content, images, brochures while at the same time approving designs, checking features and working out the kinks. Finally we are here in 2016 to move through the year in good stead.