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Thunderstorms and POS

It's that time of year, and today is a good example, of how thunderstorms can impact your business and point of sale system. 

Thunderstorms can be damaging physically, and not just the hail and rain. If it's a severe electrical storm, the charge of power can render electrical components useless.

A way to prevent this is to shut your terminals down. Sometimes this is also not enough, or you need to continue trading during the storms peak if you are well protected indoors. It's these situations that a UPS is a necessity. 

A UPS is an Uninterruptible Power Supply which protects your terminals from power surges, as well as providing a battery backup in the event that your business loses power. The battery enables you to print off any table details so you can charge your customers and let them leave. But not only that, it protects your expensive computer equipment from needing to be replaced. 

Idealpos recommends a UPS with a 700 VA rating for POS terminals. This will provide protection and battery backup for enough time to get the data you require, and shut your terminals down safely. It's important to check your UPS after a storm to ensure they are still working correctly as after power surges and backups they could need to be reset or the battery replaced.