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Idealpos 2017 Outlook

2017 has just begun, and we're already running like a bull at a gate.

This year we're getting the words from the horse's mouth so to speak, by getting each staff member to write a blog post for our website, focussing on pretty much whatever they feel like. Every couple of weeks a new post will be released and shared to our various social media outlets.

We're also going to be using Twitter more effectively and will attempt to create more media overall. Not everything will suit everybody however, so we're hoping to share something for everyone with a lot of varied content.

New products and features will continue to be released throughout this year, with some very exciting new products in the pipeline. We're always looking to make Idealpos a better program and we can only do that by ensuring we test everything properly before release.

And we're also looking at hiring some new staff for more positions, training all staff more effectively and more regularly, which will all help you in the support that we offer. We're also always looking at what processes we can improve, streamline and automate to make support, installation and other areas of our business run more efficiently.

All in all, we're looking to really improve how we do business in 2017 and look forward to having you along for the ride. Thanks for being a part of the Idealpos journey so far!