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Staff Post - Gerry Loiacono

Gerry Loiacono

Senior Reseller Software Support Assistant
Gerry joined Idealpos in 2012. When he is away from the keyboard, he enjoys running, bushwalking, karaoke, critiquing movies/television/books and spending time with his wife and daughter.

"2016 was a busy year for us in reseller support. We always try to address each reported problem as quickly as possible, and we have some great resources, including experienced support people and in-house access to our programmers. We can solve problems on our own, or work with the programmers to get problems resolved quickly.

There has been longer than desired wait times for some tickets due to the volume of support calls and tickets logged in 2016. In 2017, we will be looking to address this. We added another staff member (Sharin) in late 2016, and we will be adding another experienced person in early 2017. The Freshdesk ticketing system and Freshdesk Solutions are also helping to make us more efficient. When we find a new solution or an answer to a FAQ, we add it to Freshdesk Solutions as part of our procedures so that the next person can use that resource and respond quickly if there be another ticket with the same issue.

(from left: Tung, Sharin, Jason, Gerry and Andrew)

Resellers are also encouraged to use the Freshdesk ticketing system directly by logging in at This gives you more powerful tracking of your current outstanding tickets all in one place. It also will prompt you for information that can save us time in responding, like the version and Build at the site that is experiencing the problem. Just as importantly, this gives you access to Solutions. Often, you can save time and find an answer in Solutions without having to contact us and possibly wait in a queue."

This post is the first in our series of staff posts about work-life at Idealpos. Stay tuned for a new post every 2 weeks.