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6.03 build 94 release

  • Added: Kitchen Printing - Use Instruction Separator Line option for Group Instructions by Seat format
  • Added: Promotions - Ability for a Promotion to Override previous promotions if the discount is higher
  • Added: Stock Item Screen - Description 2 shown underneath main description
  • Added: Supplier Transaction Report - Location Selection Range
  • Added: Special Price Schedule - ability to Block sales of items of specific Price Level
  • Added: Import Stock Items supports Reorder Carton Quantity field
  • Added: Customer Invoices/Statement Headers only show Phone/Fax/Email if they exist
  • Added: IGT iKnow Interface (authorised resellers only)
  • Added: Support for IGT Membership Class
  • Added: Gaming Interface - option to turn off Redemptions treated as Discounts
  • Added: Promotions - ability to Search by Description
  • Added: Money from Clipp Transactions gets posted at the time of Sale rather than when Paid
  • Added: Stock Item Sales Report - option to Hide Unit Price / Tax
  • Added: Employee Log Cost Reports shows labour as percentage of GST Exclusive Sales Total
  • Added: Gaming Customers supported through Pending Sales process
  • Added: Newbook Room Interface supports complete Transaction exporting
  • Added: Yes/No Option: Allow Stock Transfers between Items
  • Added: PriceBook Interface - Import Special Prices