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Customer Display Marketing

What do your customers look at while you are serving them?

Do you take this opportunity to up sell them to additional products and services they might use the next time they visit your business?

How do you attract them back again?

One of the most effective and easy ways to reach your customers without them feeling pushed upon with sales jargon, is to use a customer display on the back of the POS terminal. This allows you to be unobtrusive in offering additional items but getting the message across that they are available.

Maybe you have a special product announcement that you want to highlight as it is discounted heavily, or you want to push loyalty customers to come back for a special event and offer tickets for sale. All of this can easily be achieved through both images and videos. Not only that, you can still display all of these alongside the sale items being rung up by the clerk.

Idealpos also allows you to send all your images and videos from one terminal to the other, so programming the terminals and what to display is a breeze. Simply add the marketing to one terminal and all the other terminals can be updated instantly.

For information on how to set-up customer displays including image sizes for all screen sizes and configurations, click here. Check out the range of customer display screens we can supply right here!