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Fuel Consoles and Idealpos

Over the last couple of years Idealpos has seen an increase in the number of service stations wanting to integrate with a point of sale system offering them many benefits above and beyond their current system. Currently Idealpos is able to connect with a number of fuel consoles, POSTEC, Gilbarco T24 and FC6000.

Each console has unique advantages and different connection and interface requirements. Depending on what system is already in use it can be as easy as working out the fuel grades, adding them to Idealpos and making some small software changes. Other systems require a bit more set up but are easier to manage once this has been done.

There are two different types in integrations that Idealpos support with fuel consoles. The first one is a direct integration where Idealpos terminals handle the forecourt and the interface is directly controlled from within Idealpos software. The other integration relies on the forecourt controller being used on additional hardware, with the fuel sales sent through to Idealpos after the customer has finished pumping the fuel.

The direct integration is used by POSTEC and installs a software overlay at the top of the existing Idealpos POS screen. This allows the operator to see the pumps status, hold sales, process those sales and authorise pumps all from the Idealpos screen. It is the most advanced set up and very easy to use as there are no variables that can get in the way. There are less chances of sales mistakes happening with this system.

The Gilbarco T24 and FC6000 integration is an easy connection solution using existing fuel console hardware. While the grades are set in the terminal, the sale needs to be finalised and sent from the console to the Idealpos system manually using the console keyboard. This set up requires configuring the console correctly as some consoles will send the sale and it will be removed from the console system before showing in Idealpos.

Future development that we would like to add is the ability to integrate with WEX terminals to allow additional payment types like Motorpass and Motorcharge. These systems would allow us to offer a complete point of sale solution for many service stations currently wanting more control over the rest of their sales operations. 

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