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Idealpos Online is coming...

It’s been over two months since we announced our plans for Idealpos Online, your gateway to the latest sales analytics in real-time direct from your Idealpos database. You don’t even need to be at your business to view them, with any web browser having the ability on a desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. This is a huge game changer to allow you unprecedented access to your information, when you want it, wherever you happen to be.

  • Since opening your business have you neglected yourself by working overtime because you just can’t do without crunching KPI’s on your own?
  • Have you not taken a decent holiday because you’re worried about trends across many metrics that you want to measure, but you can’t?
  • Can you see yourself finally getting to enjoy the benefit of tracking your business across various indicators without the need to pull up multiple screens? So can we.

Idealpos Online is the service that, while not required to run your business effectively, allows you run your life more efficiently. How many times have you dropped into work to check performance, only to be inundated with staff asking you questions, and before you know it, you’ve been there for 2 hours. Step back from the day to day issues that the manager can handle, and step into the business when you want, how you want.

We’re about to start trials in the coming month and then it will be ready for prime time. Get the jump on your competitors here to receive the news before anyone else when we’re ready to go.

We’re not out to save the world, and not everyone needs saving. But we are on a journey and we want you to join us.