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Staff Post - Jason Muspratt

Jason Muspratt

Senior Reseller Software Support

A typical day in the reseller support department can be quite a workout for your brain. Following the logic flow of troubleshooting database problems, or tracing a piece of data through log files to see how it ended up where it shouldn’t be can use up quite a bit of mental energy. I also produce a lot of the graphics that get used here in the blog for Then & Now, New Builds and generally anything else that I get asked for. How do I shake it off at the end of the week? I take photos.

In photography, you mostly learn by doing, so when the opportunity came up to take some photos of local businesses we supply POS services to, I was keen to expand my skill set and give it a go. Needless to say, photographing indoors under artificial lighting is very different from what I was used to. After a full couple of days of travelling and photographing we had a set of images we could use in our promotional materials.

I’ve been interested in photography since I was a teenager, when my dad gave me his Konica Autoreflex T that he bought new in 1969 for a trip to Tokyo. When I got my first job, I started saving for my first digital camera, the Sony Mavica FD73. It used floppy disks for storage, took pictures at an amazing 640x480, and only cost $1200! I didn’t start really learning photography until I had my hands on the the first really affordable consumer DSLR, the Canon 300D.

Most weekends I’m awake well before daylight, packing cameras and equipment in to my car and heading towards the coast. I need to find myself a nice place to set up well before sunrise, then wait. Sometimes, nothing happens and I go home without any photos. Other times, though, I get a photo that makes all of these early morning worth it.

Sunrise over Story Bridge, Brisbane.

In photography, much like IT, you’re always learning, and the best way to learn is to do.