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6.03 build 89 release

  • Added: Gift Voucher Type shown on Gift Voucher
  • Added: Replay Transaction function supports Gaming Customers
  • Added: Stock Received warning when cost price has increased
  • Added: A4 Tax Invoice supports programmable Graphic in footer
  • Added: Clear Data - changed Balanced Customer/Supplier Transactions to All Customer/Supplier Transactions
  • Added: Yes/No Option - Allow Stock Transfers between different Sites
  • Added: Eftpos Support for LaneID identifier for Mastercard in Canada/USA region
  • Added: Shortcut added for Start Stocktake screen
  • Added: Shortcut added for Update Stock Levels screen
  • Added: Speed Improvement when calculating multiple Reward Promotions
  • Added: Activity Log - records when Tables use Hold Print feature
  • Added: Activity Log stamp when uploading data from Stock Manage
  • Added: Saudi Arabia denomination support in Cash Declaration screen
  • Added: Pending Reservations inherit current time as their default arrival time
  • Added: Export Department Sales to Xero Accounting
  • Added: Newbook Room Interface support
  • Added: SMTP Username Length limit increased to 50 characters