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Idealpos Integrates with Tanda

On the 27th of March we released Idealpos build 31 which included a new integration to Tanda Attendance & Rostering. Build 31 was a very large release which may have caused you to miss out on Tanda's many benefits for your business. Here we explore what they can do for you.

What does Tanda do with the reports/ data that is exported from idealpos?

The integration between Tanda and idealpos allows for sales and revenue data from idealpos to be imported into Tanda, and utilised in making workforce management decisions. This data can be used to build rosters, and calculate wage costs as a percentage of revenue.

What is Predictive Workforce™?

Entering numeric time series data into Tanda automatically enables Tanda’s Predictive Workforce™ software, which is depicted in a Projections Table accessible through the rostering system. The Projections Table uses the sales data and a pre-set ratio algorithm, to predict the number of staff required. For example, it could be understood that for every $300 made, 2 staff are required. This ratio can be set in Tanda, so when sales revenue is expected to be $600, you know that 4 staff will be required.

Dashboard Snapshot:

Entering sales data into Tanda, also empowers the “Weekly Planner’ widget on the Tanda Dashboard. This provides a quick snapshot into businesses running costs for labour and sales, so managers can track labour costs and revenue as they fluctuate throughout the day and week.

What benefit does this bring a business?

Businesses that use Tanda, can experience;

  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Improved staff engagement and positive accountability
  • Greater oversight and control into labour costs
  • Peace of mind meeting compliance requirements, and stronger governance over entire organisation.
  • Improved customer service experience.
  • Latest cutting edge technology ensures competitive advantage
    • Optimised rosters founded in ideal customer to staff ratios, ensures the optimal customer service experience.
    • Optimised rosters increase profitability and workforce efficiency.
    • Save time and money on time consuming administrative tasks.
    • Reduce clerical and potentially costly payroll errors.

Some facts and stats about Tanda:

  • Tanda will save a business 2-5% on its total labour costs.
  • On average, Tanda can halve the time spent on processing payroll.
  • 145+ Million rostered hours to date.
  • 25+ million employee clock ins to date.
  • 20% of revenue is reinvested directly back into Research & Development, ensuring constant innovation in the product.