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Staff Post - Louis Badham

Louis Badham

Business Development Manager
Coming from New Zealand, Louis has been with Idealpos for almost 10 years. He enjoys his time outside of work with his family, usually including water sports and socializing.

I am coming up on 9 years working at Idealpos, and it’s gone fast. I started in 2008 when I moved over from New Zealand with my partner. I have been involved with Point of Sale, Cash Registers and EFTPOS in New Zealand since 2003, but this was a huge change. New country, new company, new friends.

Being with Idealpos for so long, Ideal POS System 4 was the version that we were running at the time, I have seen many enhancements. Some major rewarding milestones I have been involved in would be IPS Client, All Major Releases, iOS and Android Apps with many more in the pipeline. There’s never nothing to do, a feature, a tweak, a setting to improve, a customer that needs assistance. It all has to be done.

I thoroughly enjoy working with our many customers and resellers who are located all around the globe. From my homeland in New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Aussies, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Canada and the U.S.

Although I enjoy working, I do enjoy outside of work more. My family is myself and 3 girls, Mum, a 5 year old and a new little addition who is only 4 weeks old. I enjoy getting into the outdoors at the beach, camping, paddle boarding and the occasional amateur attempt at surfing. Last year I completed the 100km Oxfam walk with some of the other staff from Idealpos. It was a great achievement to know that I was able to tough it out.