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User Guide Update

Today we have gone live with our shiny new User Guide. It's taken a long while to convert everything over and adjust the settings to be how we want them. It's still not perfect but we didn't want to wait any longer to let you start using it.

So what's changed?

  1. Improved layout and navigation. You can now see more clearly what information you want to view, with breadcrumbs giving you navigation links back to previous pages.
  2. Search capabilities. The searching of the user guide to find the information that you want has always been sub-par. It's now been vastly improved and the information is much easier to find.
  3. Condensed guides. Some guides were multiple pages when they didn't need to be with information spread across numerous pages. We have gone through and condensed as much as possible.
  4. Gifs. In some of the guides now we have started to use gifs to show a step or process. This allows us to visually show how a feature works instead of explaining it with words and static images. It allows you to see how the feature works much faster and easily visualize what we are explaining. This will become more commonplace throughout.

While this is a huge improvement on the user guide, there is still a lot to do. Over the coming months more tweaks and changes will take place as we become more familiar with how people are searching for information.

As with anything, if you see any issues or want to give feedback on anything, please send us an email.