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Idealpos 7 build 7 release

Added: Support for up to 10000 Promotion Groups
Added: Support for up to 1000 Locations
Added: Best/Worst Sellers Report - Programmable number of records in report
Added: Paymentree EFTPOS Integration
Added: Order Number function added to Grids
Added: Sales Reference function added to Grids
Added: Ability to resize and view Multiple Shortcut Reports simultaneously
Added: Stock Item Grid expands to use available screen size
Added: Customer Grid expands to use available screen size
Added: Manufactured Items - ability to manufacture a product from component items
Added: Customer Accounts with Balances cannot be Discontinued
Added: Journal History Enquiry results can be sent to Stock Item Sales Report
Added: Customer Display - live updating of display when changing price level of entire sale
Added: Ideal Handheld Menus can be built from POS Screen Tabs
Added: Generate Purchase Order - based on last months sales
Added: Support for up to 1000 POS Screen Layouts
Added: Clerk Permissions integrated with User Security
Added: ResDiary Restaurant Booking interface
Added: Support for FEC AP-9365 Cash Drawer
Added: Option to allow Background Processing when POS exits
Added: POS Screen - support for up to 18 Layers
Added: Online Licensing - all software registrations are handled via a web server
Added: Enhanced Dashboard Features
Added: Ability to Discontinue multiple items at the same time via Multi-Select
Added: Stock Item Attributes
Added: Stock Item Enquiry includes Graph showing sales history
Added: Xero Accounting Interface - Support for Supplier Invoice Export
Added: Scheduled Reports set to email continue to retry when emailing fails
Added: Option to Send Table Transfers to Kitchen Printers
Added: Cash Sales Transferred to Table show Transfer Table Number in Journal
Added: Kinnov Interface - support for Loyalty Vouchers
Added: Kinnov Interface - can look up customers with Phone Number
Added: Deputy Sales Export Format