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Pocket Pad Release

We are excited to announce the release of our new Pocket Pad app!

Pocket Pad is the successor to the Handheld app that our customers have been using to send orders from tables to the Kitchen for many many years.

After plenty of requests from customers to make the Handheld app available on Android, we are excited to say that the new Pocket Pad app is available on both Android and iOS platforms!

Pocket Pad has all the existing functionality and familiar User Interface from our previous Handheld app as well as some new features that we've added along the way...

  • A Home Screen that can be optionally enabled to allow Clerks to login to Pocket Pad using the same Clerk Login Code that they use to login to the Idealpos POS screen. On tablet devices, the Home Screen will also display the Notes on the left-hand side to allow quick access to Specials of the day or any instructions that have been entered. Small mobile devices will have a Notes button on the Home Screen.
    When both Compulsory Clerk and the Home Screen are enabled, the Home Screen will be displayed after sending each order to a table to prevent unauthorised Users from sending orders to a table from the app.
  • Stock Notes can now be viewed within the Pocket Pad app!
    This is useful for Restaurants that cater to customers with specific dietary requirements or allergies, allowing the Clerk or Customer to view the ingredients that are included in a meal. To use this feature, ensure that the required notes have been entered into the Stock Notes field for the item, enable Stock Notes in the app settings and finally press and hold on an item for 5 seconds to view the Stock Notes!
  • New App Icon, Start screen, app colours and main menu icons!
  • Coming in 2021...
    Payment Integration allowing Clerks to take payment for a table straight from the Pocket Pad app!


Due to the sheer number of Android devices that are available on the market, we recommend that you opt for a good quality mid-range device built by a well-known manufacturer such as Samsung, Lenovo, Oppo, etc. Furthermore, we also recommend that you test the Pocket Pad app on the desired device preferably before purchasing a large batch of the same device type for your business. This is to ensure that the app behaves as expected on your device of choice before opting to purchase the same device type for your entire business.
Should you encounter any problems with the app, we welcome any feedback via our support channels.