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Spring Clean Your POS System

There's a good chance during the holiday season you're going to be very busy, at least, you hope so! To make the most of this opportunity, you should give your entire POS system a maintenance check. This includes all hardware and software that is used to process sales for your customers. Prevention in this case can save you valuable time and money.

  • Check Everything Early
    There's no point planning to check everything if you have to rush through it all because you left it to the last minute. Start work early one morning so you are free of distractions and can be thorough. Plan ahead, make time, and do it properly.

  • Check All Hardware
    While the most obvious items to check are POS Terminals and Printers, make sure you check all related items. Do you use Mobile devices and are all the chargers working, do you have one for each device? Remove the entire drawer from the cash drawer to make sure nothing will get stuck. Don't forget kitchen printers and office equipment.
  • Check All Software
    While you might not be a computer programmer, you can still perform some basic tasks to check things are running well. How often do you restart your terminals? If they are running all the time, it's a good idea to give them a restart at least once a week. Whereas if you turn them off at the end of each day, leave them on overnight at least once a week. Both of these functions allow the software to perform maintenance actions that will help your system run better. Make sure you are running the latest version of software for your programs and apps.

  • Have a Spring Clean
    You most likely have a cleaning schedule for your staff to follow in their open and close procedures, but things just get over-looked. Lift POS Terminals, Cash Drawers and Printers, clean underneath them. Ensure the cables are tidy and free of dust. Give everything a wipe down and check for any insect infestations. Remove any bluetak notes or post-its that have accumulated over time.
  • Make Notes & Action
    Throughout this process, get staff to give you information on everything that needs to be repaired or replaced. Even if you can't action it right away, at least you know about it and can be prepared for it to fail. Start the process to order replacements, or schedule a professional to come on-site and do any required maintenance for you. Get everything back up to scratch so you know that only the most extreme situation or bad luck overall will be what stops your trading.

  • Order & Prepare
    Have you purchased all the extra consumables needed to keep your business going while your suppliers close over the same period you're at your peak? Printer rolls, ribbons, labels and whatever else might be required to keep your business ready should be ordered and stored.


Follow these steps now, and when the holiday season starts you are prepared and can get on with doing what it is you do best, giving excellent customer service.