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Staff Post - Alastair Kelton

Alastair Kelton


I am formerly from South Africa, Durban and have spent most of my young life there and made it out alive...

My hobbies are fishing, kayaking, rugby now called footy....and the on and off long distance running and of cause tramping and site seeing, that of course is slowly dwindling .......between juggling house work and family time.

Love the outdoors, wind in my hair and the feeling of freedom.

I 've been in the Point of Sale industry for many years starting off as a technician in South Africa, dealing with cash registers and then on to the point of sale stuff we have today.

We decided to explore the world out there and made a decision to move countries, moving on to New Zealand with my family looking for better prospects.

New Zealand has been good to us and I opted to become a New Zealand citizen together with my family forwards and upwards!

I have a son and a daughter and wonderful wife and we enjoy the great outdoors and travelling.

My son is an avid soccer player and has his hopes on becoming one of the best just as his time spent gaming.

My daughter is more academically incline and there’s talk of becoming the family doctor.

When I arrived in New Zealand back then I thought of changing my career to something else as I have been in the point of sale industry for many years. That was not to be....

I found myself in the same industry in New Zealand where I continued with POS, working for the likes of Casio, and also selling and installing Idealpos into various shops throughout Auckland with one of the then resellers.

Moving on from there I joined an EFTPOS company for a number of years in sales and installation as well as point of sale, programming and training.

I enjoy the excitement of the industry and meeting people of different walks of life.

It wasn’t until we visited the Gold Coast and Byron Bay for a wedding we fell in love with the sun and the sea and decided that this is a place we could call home as the climate was perfect and family living on the Gold Coast insisted we move as it ticked all the boxes. The world is our oyster. 

It didn’t take much convincing and we packed up everything again, and moved to the Sunshine State.

It has been pretty awesome so far with hot weather and plenty to do on weekends, just what the doctor ordered.

I joined Idealpos in Brisbane and a very knowledgeable team of managers, programmers, developers, installers and support and sales team. I have seen the company grow from strength to strength over the years and to what it is now and it is very encouraging as they are moving with the times.

I enjoy working with the team and every day is a learning experience with every evolving industry of point of sale.

Look forward to my next adventure in life.

Thank you for your time and for reading my story.