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Anti-Virus for POS Terminals connected to the internet

Idealpos Solutions has for a long time supported the use of Anti-Virus and Internet Security tools for any computer that connects to the internet. Certainly, every PC that gets connected to the internet in our office is protected by security in some manner.

Lately there has been a sharp spike in the amount of our customers who are getting caught out when their security is lacking. The latest virus that is affecting a lot of our customers is the fake "System Restore" or "Windows Recovery" virus. These mask themselves as a genuine message that informs the user the PC is infected, and to click options that download more malicious software or stop the PC from working altogether.

Although relatively minor, they no doubt cause a massive amount of panic when inexperienced or ill-informed people believe them. In the case of these viruses, we can generally sort the issue out within an hour to get the terminal into a working state. We recommend however, that the terminal be returned to us to be re-imaged to ensure that all of the infection has been removed, as the tools we run are no guarantee. 

All of this hassle can be prevented by simply having some security installed on any computer that connects to the internet in your workplace. Idealpos Solutions use and sell Kaspersky Internet Security to keep our computers protected. We would recommend that any POS terminal that has access to the internet is protected.

Contact us to find out the best anti-virus protection for your business.