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Inside Scoop Price Enquiry Function

This is the first of our Inside Scoop series of blog posts. These posts will highlight a new feature that is coming out in the next build. It won't be the only feature, and it might not always be exciting, but you will have something to look forward to. Just remember, this isn't available now, but it's coming.

Price Enquiry Toggle for Multiple Items

A new ability has been added to the Price Enquiry button function to allow you to check more than one items price at a time.

Go to Setup > POS Screen > POS Screen Setup > Layouts > Buttons > Function: Price Enquiry > Automatic Text: MULTI.

On the POS Screen press the button. At the top-right of the POS Screen Enquiry Mode will display.

Each stock item scanned or selected will display the price until you press the Enquiry Mode to turn it off.