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Inside Scoop Promotions Triggered by Price Level

This upcoming feature adds a great ability to not just Promotions, but also to Coupons and Customer Reward Promotions!

Promotions Triggered by Price Level
In some instances you need to run a promotion on a price level for many different reasons. One example could be that you don’t have a bottle shop as such, but you can sell items across the bar at a different price level. The issue you have is that the items you sell through your bottle shop you want to run a promotion on, but not to the bar/restaurant customers. Whenever there is a price change during a sale, the promotions will recalculate.

Go to File > Sales > Promotions > Coupons/Customer Reward Promotions/Promotions > Select Price Level > Add Promotion Items > Save.

Go to Setup > POS Screen > POS Screen Setup > Layouts > Buttons > Function: Price Level > Configure to bottle shop price.

You can either press the bottle shop price before entering items or enter the items and press the bottle shop price. Promotions will all recalculate on any price change.