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New $10 Notes - Australia

It's been a long time coming but the new $10 notes for Australian currency are due to enter circulation from September 20th, in about 2 weeks time. Similar to the $5 not which was released last year, the new $10 note has a clear panel and more advanced security features. Unlike the $5 note, all card machines should have no trouble with the new $10 as the software should all be updated to cope. A lot of companies found themselves struggling last year when their software wasn't updated, even though they had been given ample warning.

The new $10 will contain these features, which you can see here:

• A rolling colour effect when you tilt the banknote.
• Multiple security features in the clear top-to-bottom window.
• An image of the nib of a pen to represent Gilmore and Paterson’s works as writers.
• A flying cockatoo that will move its wings and change colour when the note is titled.
• A sulphur-crested cockatoo
• A reversing number 10, which changes within the homestead on the note.
• An interpretation of the Bramble Wattle.
• Two raised bumps on each of the long edges of the banknote, which work as a tactile feature.
• A portrait of Banjo Paterson is based on a photograph taken when he returned from the Boer War in 1900
• The designer’s interpretation of a horseman from the era of Paterson’s writing.
• Tiny parts of text in multiple locations on the banknote that includes excerpts from The Man from Snowy River.
• A cockatoo and wattle branch printed with fluorescent ink and visible under UV light.

*Did you know? The RBA has a Banknote app!