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Configuring Surcharges

Configuring Surcharges

If you are trading during a Public Holiday and you want to configure a Surcharge to apply during specific days and times, Idealpos has got you covered!

Depending on the version and build of Idealpos that you are running, the steps to configure Surcharges will vary. We have information in our User Guide that covers the process for setting up Surcharges; the links to these topics are included below.

The differences between the versions/builds are outlined below.

In Idealpos v8 Build 3 and newer, the Surcharge function was enhanced so that surcharges to be created for any dates in the future (you can plan ahead and configure surcharges for all Public Holidays that take place throughout the year, without having to manually adjust the surcharge configuration at the start of each week that contains a Public Holiday). Additional customisations were added to surcharges which enable a different surcharge rate to apply based on the total dollar amount in the sale.

In Idealpos v8 Build 2 and older (and v7/v7.1), Public Holiday surcharges could only be configured to take place on specific days of the week between a specified From/To date. This means that if there are Public Holidays that take place on different days over multiple weeks (e.g. if a Public Holiday takes place on Monday 4th September and another takes place on Friday 15th September), then the Surcharge Configuration will need to be adjusted manually each week.


If you are still running an older version or build of Idealpos and want to take advantage of the enhanced surcharge functionality available in v8 Build 3 and newer, contact Idealpos or your reseller for more information and/or pricing to upgrade your system.

Important note regarding surcharges - When configuring surcharges, it is important that you comply with the rules and regulations in your jurisdiction. Refer to your local government body for further details. Venues that are trading in Australia can refer to the ACCC website - an article about price displays is available on their website by clicking here.