Idealpos Bundles

Idealpos offers an easy way to purchase a POS system by way of a bundled pack. There are multiple hardware configurations available depending on which terminal you select to purchase. The pack contains a 15" Touchescreen POS Terminal, an Idealpos Cash Drawer and a Thermal Receipt Printer.

Software configurations include either a single or double licence, with the double licence being a back office admin licence. Purchasing Idealpos 7 as a Pack 1, you are saving $300 off the price of a normal software licence.

Idealpos Bundles
Idealpos Bundles
Idealpos Bundles
Idealpos Bundles

Pack Purchase Benefits

  • Most valuable way to purchase a single terminal system
  • Add many peripherals such as scanners, card reader, scales and more
  • Include a back-office licence if required

Back Office Licence

It can be a good idea to have an admin terminal that is connected to the main POS terminal. A back office licence allows you to perform admin functions such as reporting, settings, stock control and more without requiring the POS terminal be out of action.

Full Peripheral Support

While limited to a single terminal, purchasing a pack does not limit your additional sales requirements. Items that you need for your business can still be connected.

A set of scales to weigh your goods, a card reader for memberships, a barcode scanner for fast sales entry are all able to be linked and used straight away.

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