Beverage Monitoring & Analytics

It is possible within Idealpos to configure the software to link with various beverage dispensing units that control exactly how much of a beverage can be dispensed at any one time. This allows for accurate reporting, ordering and stock control.

Some dispensers work while connected directly to a POS terminal and others are controlled through the whole system themself with matching reports.

A good example of where these systems work well is at dispense bars. A single clerk can run a dispense bar and without being able to log on, while the bar is unattended customers won't be able to steal product.

Beverage Monitoring & Analytics
Beverage Monitoring & Analytics
Beverage Monitoring & Analytics
  • Accurate Control and Reporting on High Profit Products
  • Mitigate Stock Loss with Clerk Permissions
  • Allow Security on Unattended POS Terminals
  • Stock Valuation and Levels Instantly Updated
  • Service Times Improved

Accurate Dispense

When using these a beverage monitoring system, it's as simple as the press of a button. The correct measure is poured from the device and is accountable to reports and stock control measures to ensure the most accurate dispense available.

Over the course of a day, staff might make small mistakes that add up to a nominal amount. If you are a large venue with a lot of outlets, these amounts add up over a year and can account for a large amount in value of lost revenue.

Service Plus

When you run a gaming room or a function venue, one or more staff members are able to control the floor and give table service to everyone easily. The server takes an order and returns to the bar where they can easily make the order exactly and charge the customer accordingly.

No one needs to remain at the dispense area for security as the device is controlled via clerk security. No beverage can be dispensed without access to the system which is controlled through Idealpos.

Time Savings

While the savings in time can come from service to your guests, the majority of time can be saved in administration costs due to wages saved.

When used correctly, this system will report variances easily and less time will need to be spent chasing up stock that is stored wrong, dispensed incorrectly and clerks that are stealing. An instant report will able to show any variances and who could be to blame.

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Bevcon have been Australia's leaders in bulk Spirit Dispensing and draught beer metering for well over a decade. Bevcon clients include iconic Hotels, large Leagues and RSL Clubs, huge Casinos, and busy Nightclubs - as well as many smaller venues.

With a proven interface to Idealpos, Bevcon Spirit Guns and Draught Beer Flowmeters can increase profits by 15%, while making your bar operation more efficient and visually appealing.


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Pour Controls

Pour Controls

Sprint's Liquor Dispensing Guns are the fastest and most accurate way to deliver drinks quickly and consistently. Perfect shots in a second, time after time.

Delivering up to 24 brands, with 4 portion sizes and preset cocktails, with full accountability. Ideal for nightclubs, sports bars, or any other location that demands speed and accuracy. Liquor is stored in a central location, using the largest size bottles for further cost savings. Individual Bottle Reserves, Pressure Vessel Reserves, and Bulk Reverse configurations available. Deliver product up to 2500′ using standard pumps.

Military Grade switching in the Ballistic Nylon Gun Handle ensures a long service life. Built in sensors protect electronics from power spikes and burnouts. Multiple redundant memories capture and protect data.

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