Attributes allow you to give your stock items flags that can be used for reports and programming of the POS screen. The attributes allow you to easily group stock items by up to five different types, each linked to an attribute within that type. Any good point of sale system can group stock items, but an ideal one allows you stock control management of the finest sort.

 An example of using attributes would be items purchased from a particular region, dietry requirement or brand of product. Stock items linked to these attributes might be contained within many different departments that cannot be organised together. Using attributes you can easily group these items for the purposes of certain reports.

You have the ability to use attributes in selected reports, and they can be used a grouping for changing prices of items linked to the same attribute. This can be handy for stores that stock the same product in multiple flavours, such as cans of drink or ice cream flavours.

  • Allow up to Five Attributes per Stock Item
  • Change Sell Price of Multiple Attribute Items within the same Family
  • Create and Assign New Attributes Directly from the Stock Item screen
  • Sort Stock Item List by Attribute
  • Use Attributes in some Stock Item Reports

Advanced Grouping

Stock Items can be included in five different Attribute Types at the same time, allowing you to manage your stock list more effectively. For example, you might have a 2008 Barossa Valley Shiraz. It can be included in Attribute Types such as Barossa Region, Shiraz, 2008 Varietals, Australian Wine and Bottle Only.

There is no limit to the number of Attribute Types or Attributes that you can create, but each stock item is limited to linking to five maximum at any one time. The stock item can also be linked to the same Attribute Type multiple times, but with different Attributes.

Stock Item Linking

If you sell multiple items that are essentially the same product and price, such as cans of flavoured drink, you can link the items together. If you need to change the sell price of one, you can select to change all the prices of the other linked items at once, saving you time.

When used in this manner, all Sell Price Levels are affected, so you can change up to 12 different prices on multiple items much easier than using Edit Mode or Selling Price Calculator.

Continued Development

Stock Item Attributes are a new feature to Idealpos 7 which was very exciting for us to release. There are many different areas of Idealpos where attributes can be used already, but we are also looking at where else they can be utilised for the best possible outcome for our customers.

We will also look to how we can best improve this feature that has proven popular with many customers due to their flexible use. Multiple business use-cases can be improved through the use of well create Attributes.

Check out the User Guide for more information on Attributes

User Guide