Configurable POS Screen

Customise your screen as much as possible to allow for fast, efficient service. The use of images on the buttons representing different products can make it easy for new staff who are not used to the products to identify quickly the item they are looking for.

Idealpos also allows the quick programming of the POS screen, even during the middle of a sale if required, to make sure you are able to get your system perfect in any situation. Simply press and hold the button to change its configuration settings. This functionality can be toggled on/off.

Configurable POS Screen
Configurable POS Screen
Configurable POS Screen
  • Make instant changes during service if required
  • Simple Drag-n-Drop Operation
  • Choose from over 100 available Button Functions
  • Brand the POS Screen to use your Company Colours
  • Use custom images for easier Button Recognition
  • Support for a variety of POS Screen Resolutions - 1024x768, 1024x600, 1280x800, 1366x768 and 1920x1080.

Drag & Drop Programming

When programming stock items, the easiest way is to drag them from the stock list and place them wherever you want on the screen. Stock items on the list can be sorted through various means to find the one you are after. 

Items will appear instantly on all other terminals connected in the network live, so button programming can be confusing if you use it during service. Ease of use though allows you to make quick changes as required.

Customise Everything

The screen layout is hardwired to a defined configuration to ensure consistency, but button functions, colours, size and more can all be customised as much as you want.

Why not use your company colours and font to match the POS terminal to what is used throughout your business to complement and professionalise everything? Use images of your particular products, formatted to the size of the button for easier selection by staff.

Outstanding Functionality

There are over 100 different buttons functions that can be used to pretty much create the point of sale screen of your dreams. Some functions are used only for specific cases, whereas others can greatly improve service.

Harness the power of our many years of experience to choose the functions that will make your business run as smoothly as possible. Buttons also have the ability to run macros, allowing a  button to perform multiple functions with a single press.