Fuel Console

A good point of sale system is worth its weight in gold if it performs above and beyond what is expected of it. To be able to use a POS in the fuel industry, you need to be able to talk to the fuel consoles provided by many companies.

Idealpos is proud to have interfaces to some of the most throrough and popular consoles on the market today. Direct software integration is available with the POSTEC PCC4, Transponder Technologies FC6000 and the Gilbarco T24 consoles.

Idealpos can provide ease of use for fuel stations that provide additional products and services such as cafe items, retail and mechanical repairs. Idealpos can leverage the best from the point of sale world with the forecourt controllers sending fuel data to the POS screen where sales can be processed in a simple manner.

Fuel Console
Fuel Console
Fuel Console
  • POSTEC Interface Directly on the POS Screen Minimising Hardware Requirements
  • Transponder Technologies FC6000 and Gilbarco T24 Fuel Console Suitability
  • Process Fuel Service and Fast Food/CafĂ© operation from a single unified system
  • Control your entire Stock Inventory with Advanced Stock Control
  • Minimise Transaction Mistakes through Full System Control

POSTEC Fuel Console

The POSTEC Forecourt Manager can be installed directly onto the Idealpos Point of Sale terminal. This allows the operator to have direct control over the fuel pumps while able to serve retail customers from the same terminal. 

Easy management allows staff to see the status of all fuel pumps at a glace and control service without needing to shift their attention elsewhere. Minimal mistakes can take place due to the direct integration between Focus Visual Console and Idealpos.

Gilbarco T24 Fuel Console

The Gilbarco T24 terminal is used in many service stations and can be easily connected to Idealpos. A simple cable connection can be used to connect the fuel console to an Idealpos terminal with minimal configuration to both systems to have them working as one.

A small manual requirement to send the fuel data from the console to the POS is required, and then fuel can processed easily in the same sale as other goods from the store.

FC6000 Fuel Console

The Transponder Technologies FC6000 console runs of the same connections required for the T24 console using an emulation setting. A simple configuration of the setting the fuel grades from the console and adding them into Idealpos completes the circuit.

There are many different settings available for Config A and Config B in this fuel console and once they are sorted everything is sent through to the Idealpos terminal for a seamless integration to process sales.

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