Hold Print Function

The hold print function can be used when a group of people are sitting at the same table, but wish to order and pay for their meals individually. The clerk operating the POS terminal can use the hold print function to prevent the order sending to the kitchen printer or kitchen monitor, until the last personal has ordered their meal.

This is most commonly used in cafes and bistro settings and can work alongside bar tabs and restaurant features. It also works across multiple terminals in the same venue, so more than one terminal can take orders on the same order number. This can be helpful for large group service.

At any time you can view the details of the order to have them checked. When everything is exactly as the customers wanted, you can finalize and pay for the item, and a single docket will be printed to the kitchen. This enables your kitchen staff to easily send all meals out for the table at the same time.

Hold Print Function
  • Multiple Sales Combined on a Single Kitchen Docket to Ensure Orders are Together
  • Usually Utilised Best in a Bistro or Cafe Style Situation
  • View Details of the Order at Any Time
  • Multiple Terminals Can All Take Orders for the Same Table
  • Best Used With Ideal Kitchen Monitor