Kitchen Printing

Save staff the hassle of walking from the table or terminal to the kitchen to deliver an order with kitchen printing making the trip for you. No more illegible dockets with the chef trying to read a frazzled floor members crazy scrawl. Each order will be clearly printed and can be on duplicate dockets for different courses. Why not use Handheld Ordering and save the staff even walking to a terminal?

Idealpos has the ability print to many printers at the same time, separating a single order automatically into the different sections where dockets may be required. In a restaurant there may be many different printers. Some fine dining restaurants can require up to 7 different kitchen printers configured.

Kitchen Printing
  • Kitchen Printing Minimises Mistakes From Staff Handwriting Dockets Incorrectly
  • Save Time With Staff Not Needing to Deliver Dockets to the Kitchen
  • Setup Printers to Only Print When Items are Needed From That Section, Saving Money
  • Choose From a large Range of Printing Layouts and Settings to Fully Utilise all Features
  • Idealpos Supports the Configuration of up to 20 Different Kitchen Printers
  • Used in a Wide Range of Industries that Idealpos Support