Promotions are a great way to bundle products together for a quick sale, or to showcase a new product and make it a standard purchase with your regular customers. They will display on the POS screen as a discount that can also display at the end fo the sale, as well as being displayed on the Customer Display.

Idealpos allows you to create many different types of promotions so you can sell your products the best way you know how. With Dollar, Percent, Fixed Price, Bonus Items and more available.

  • Create an Unlimited number of Promotions for multiple Products for Customers, POS Terminals and more
  • Set Priority to ensure Promotions trigger the right Item being Discounted without losing money
  • Use Multiple Trip Conditions to give Discounts only when Specific Items have been sold
  • Promotions can be Triggered at All Times or Specific Days/Times
  • Import Promotions for faster Configuration

Trip Conditions

Configure Meal Deals and more by ensuring customers have to buy a Burger, Chips and a Drink for the promotion to trip. The separate items can belong to multiple promotions and when the products are together in a sale, they trigger the promotion and are discounted.

Trip conditions can include any single Stock Item or a an entire Department, where all stock items within that Department can trip the promotion.


You are able to toggle Promotions On/Off with a POS Screen Button, which gives you the freedom to turn them off when they should be used. This button can be controlled by Clerk/User Permissions.

An example of this would be when a stock item is being returned for whatever reason, but when the item was purchased, the promotion was not running. This allows the customer to get the full credit for the item they purchased.

Stock Item & Dept Selection

To either add or remove items or departments  from a promotion, you are able to select them in bulk or as single one at a time. This allows you be able to quickly create a promotion with the items you require, or remove the ones you no longer want to include.

They don't need to be selected in a range, but you can use Crtl or Shift function keys to select what you need.