Waste Mode

Waste Mode is a quick way to ensure that stock is accounted for when it has been damaged or cannot be sold for certain reasons. Reasons can include things such as damaged product, promotion, donation, gift or staff allowance. You can create as many different reasons for writing off stock as you wish.

Waste mode, or write offs in general, form an important part of a good stock control management procedure. It allows stock to be accounted for so that when a stock take is performed, the variances are minimal and the true valuation is able to be reached. There's nothing wrong with writing stock off in any business, you just need to make sure that you are recording it so you can identify reasons to minimise shrinkage in the future.

Waste Mode
Waste Mode
Waste Mode
  • Instantly Write-off Stock on the Sales Screen
  • Create and Use Multiple Reasons for Accurate Recording
  • Important Component in any Good Stock Control Management Plan
  • Easy Way to Track Shrinkage Issues
  • Fully Reportable with Clerk Permissions Allowance

Instantly Record Adjustments

Because waste mode operates on the sales screen, the stock levels are adjusted straight away to ensure that all reports are correct. Staff can select from the reasons that you create for them to choose from, and sign a receipt that is printed to authorise the write off.

Stock Write-off and transaction reports will be updated immediately, so even for large businesses with multiple sites and locations, you can view the reports in real-time as correct figures and act fast to plug any holes.

Permission Controlled

Permissions can be used to block Clerks and Users from accessing the waste mode, ensuring that only the staff members who are authorised to use it will be able to. You are able to have more write-off categories than will display on waste mode, giving you further control over what can be used.

Each waste mode category can be programmed with a specific colour so it is easily identifiable when being used by the staff. Each use of waste mode must be accessed by logging on with a clerk and is recorded in the journal against them.

Waste Mode Sales Screen

Because you are using waste mode on the sales screen, it's a simple and intuitive function that helps keep service flowing.