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Idealpos utilises an app to allow you better management tools for the serious side of your business, stock control. With Pocket Stock, you are able to perform a stocktake on all your locations, view/change prices, transfer stock between locations, receive items into stock and assign barcodes to all items.

If required, you can use a scanning device by Generalscan (All Devices) or Linea Pro (Apple only) which gives your phone extra functionality.

Pocket Stock links directly to Idealpos and transfers data in a matter of seconds, allowing you to get on with the job you need to do. Use the below links to download the app to your device. The below links are for Pocket Stock. If you require Stock Manage v1, you can download for Apple devices only from the App Store.

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Pocket Stock app
Pocket Stock app
  • App is available for Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod models
  • Compatible with Third-party Hardware for Barcode Scanning
  • Use the Device Camera to Scan
  • Receive Stock, Transfer Items, Assign Barcodes and Stock Take
  • Helps to speed-up your Stock Control Processes
  • Excellent for Large Item Quantity Venues

Pocket-sized Database

The app has been optimised to be able to connect and share data between Idealpos over Wi-Fi instantly. With the press of a button you will hold the entire database of Stock Items in your hands, ready for whatever job you are undertaking. 

Once you have the database on your device, you can link barcodes to stock items, transfer between locations/sites, receive stock and perform stocktakes with ease.

Minimise Data Entry Errors

When you are scanning barcodes linked to Stock Items, you are minimising any mistakes that could occur with just a pen and paper system. A bar code will not change unless you change it in the database manually.

Idealpos allows you to create bar codes for stock items that don't have one originally, thereby protecting your entire stock database.

Multi-Device Functionality

There is no limit to the number of devices at any one time that can be used during a stocktake. This can be important and help to quickly get the job done so you can get back to selling your items.

If you allow staff to use their own device, they can install the app on their phone and they will be covered by your licence. Help is a good thing.

Pocket Stock Partners

Infinite Peripherals

Infinite Peripherals

As President of Infinite Peripherals, Inc., Andrew Graham is responsible for product development and distribution, sales, marketing, operations, day-to-day management and customer service. Since founding the company in 1993 as a source of receipt printers for the point-of-sale (POS) market, Graham has helped drive revenue of this privately held company every year.

After working as a salesperson of business forms at Moore, Lake Forest, Ill., Graham seized upon an opportunity to fuel his entrepreneurial spirit and enter an expanding market as a distributor of receipt printers. He built relationships with Citizen, Fujtisu and Custom, and sold a variety of printers, including dot matrix/impact, inkjet, thermal and thermal portable, along with printer mechanisms, modules and components.


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Avery Dennison is a global leader in labelling and packaging materials and solutions. The company’s applications and technologies are an integral part of products used in every major market and industry.

With operations in more than 50 countries and 25,000 employees worldwide, Avery Dennison serves customers with insights and innovations that help make brands more inspiring and the world more intelligent.

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Generalscan is the leading AIDC (automatic recognition and data acquisition) comprehensive value added sales service provider and important supply chain management solutions and equipment provider, it is one of the few domestic two dimensional barcode company have core knowledge property rights.

We provide professional one and two dimensional barcode automatic identification system, machine vision system, mobile computing and wireless network system, including enterprise management system (such as WMS, TMS, MES, EAM or ERP etc) integrated service, and also providing real-time tracing, warehouse management system and fixed asset tracking system.

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