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Ideal Handheld Version 2

We've been talking it up for months and now it has finally arrived! A brand new version of the Handheld app that has increased dramatically what we used to offer.

Download the PDF guide here

The app now supports the full graphical table layout which gives a much easier way for staff to orient themselves while serving customers. The table map is full screen and displays the options available on the left-side of the screen for easy access to anything you need. The table map can be the same map used on the POS terminals so there will be instant familiarity for all staff when using a tablet or a point of sale terminal. The table map image is stored in a location that you setup when configuring the feature. All table status' are now synced the same as the POS terminal and will display the correct colour for the status. 

The app is now totally programmable-free which means that you don't need to do any additional programming with menus for the items to be added to the app. The app will build the items from the POS Screen setup already in place.

If you want to custom program it you can, or you can select which tabs you want to display only. The app will automatically sort the items and it may look different to the POS Screen setup, but it will be easily understandable after a short use. Images can be loaded on the buttons for easier identification.

You now have the ability to lock the device to a specific table and hand it to the customer to enter their order, allowing you to walk away and run meals to other guests. Guests cannot view other tables or perform any functions on the device and can finalise when they're finished. When you get the device back you can unlock it and move to the next customer.

The customer can turn on help tips which display on-screen how to use the functionality. This can be toggled easily by pressing the question mark at the bottom of the screen.

The app works easily in portrait and landscape modes so people can use it however they like making it easier for them. It also works quite well on the iPad mini, but obviously works the best on an iPad. Coming soon will be the Android version allowing you to use the best of both worlds.

It's not available as yet but once it goes through the approval process with Apple it will update accordingly in a few days. You will need to update your POS terminals to build 15 to ensure smooth working as there were a few smaller issues introduced in previous Idealpos 7 builds.

Come and see it in action at the Fine Food Show from Sunday!